Sedona Labs Colostrum

Sedona Labs Colostrum is an incredible New Zealand colostrum that gets incredible reviews from its users, and is currently the BEST deal on Colostrum (in terms of milligrams of colostrum you get per dollar). It brings all of the colostrum benefits that are in other products, but takes things further due to the fact that Sedona Labs uses healthy cows to produce their colostrum. Whereas some companies may stuff their cattle into small barns, Sedona Labs has none of that – and this is why New Zealand colostrum powder is so incredible. Sedona Labs 100% New Zealand colostrum is processed using low heat, keeping you safe, but also keeping all of the probiotics inside good as well.

The Sedona Labs team is responsible for providing the public with numerous high quality health supplements, and their colostrum supplements are nothing short of the best, satisfying Sedona Labs’ requirements for purity, high quality, and high potency ingredients that Sedona Labs is known for. There are no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics in Sedona Labs’ colostrum supplements. These are simply 100% pure New Zealand colostrum.

Sedona Labs Colostrum Capsules

Sedona Labs Colostrum Capsules are great if you don’t want to deal with messy colostrum powders but want the incredible health and immune system benefits of bovine colostrum. The one drawback of Sedona Labs Colostrum Capsules is that they cost a bit more than the powder, as you can see from the price comparison widgets below!

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Sedona Labs Colostrum Powder

Sedona Labs Colostrum Powder is currently our BEST deal on colostrum – You get the most colostrum per dollar, which is a great thing if you’re on a budget but want to stay fit and healthy. We like mixing Sedona Labs Colostrum with our Whey Protein powder immediately after working out, but it can be mixed

Sedona Labs Colostrum – A Primer

What is Colostrum? Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals during pregnancy and just after giving birth. It is the mother’s “milk of life.” Just as a newborn baby benefits from the consumption of colostrum, children and adults can benefit from taking a simple dosage of colostrum daily as well. The benefits of colostrum supplements are numerous, and include the effects from the same ingredients that are found naturally in the milk itself. Colostrum naturally contains various vitamins and minerals, and is filled with over ninety growth factors and nutrients, some of which are only naturally found in colostrum itself.

Sedona Labs Colostrum has been known to assist in the rejuvenation of cellular development, supporting the body’s recovery and healing processes, slowing the process of aging, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aged skin. The natural antibodies in colostrum supplements help to boost the body’s immune system, guarding against various bacterial infections and viruses. Symptoms of diseases such as asthma, anemia, diabetes, and many others are also often controlled by the ingredients in colostrum supplements. Colostrum aides in the body’s ability to maintain stable blood sugar levels, improves respiratory wellness, assists with digestion, and even helps improve symptoms of diarrhea and other stomach ailments. Research has shown that colostrum improves the intestinal lining and stomach lining in humans, helping to prevent and treat certain types of ulcers. Many athletes and other people who are often exposed to extreme physical exertion consume colostrum supplements to assist their bodies in the maintenance of joint and cartridge health, the increase of physical endurance, and the acceleration of the healing process. Colostrum supplements, when combined with regular exercise, can assist the body in burning fat before muscle, allowing the body increased development of lean muscle mass because it enhances the body’s ability to transform fat into energy.

In addition to the many physical symptoms that colostrum supplements help to control, psychological symptoms are also improved. Colostrum is known to stimulate the brain, increasing the natural production of dopamine and serotonin which has been known to assist in enhancing moods and improving symptoms of depression. Ingredients in colostrum also improve concentration and alertness.

The colostrum supplements offered by Sedona Labs are 100% pure colostrum gathered from colostrum herds of New Zealand, and collected within twenty-four hours of when the needs of the calves are met to insure the best possible quality. Sedona Labs supplements are available in two forms; a powdered formula, and capsule form.

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