First discovered back around 1940, Lactoferrin is a protein component of the human immune system and was first recognized in bovine milk. It nearly twenty years for the Bovine lactoferrin to be derived in pure form. Lactoferrin has an incredible number of health benefits and we definitely endorse its supplementation for a variety of reasons listed below. Scientifically, lactoferrin’s main function in the human body is to transport and bind iron ions within the immune system.

With regards to Colostrum, lactoferrin is one of the main compounds that makes for such great colostrum benefits, so some people prefer to take lactoferrin alone, although colostrum still provides other great compounds not included in these lactoferrin supplements.

Lactoferrin Benefits

The most important thing to know about this compound is it’s ability to fight off many different types of afflictions within the human body. Alone, the compound has incredible immunity properties to help thwart bacteria, cancer cells, and viruses. This incredible discover has led to further inquiry into the possibilities of bovine lactoferrin.

Where to Buy Lactoferrin

As of late, researches have been studying and promoting lactoferrin benefits when taken as supplements to help support the human body’s immune system. Studies have begun to show that ingested lactoferrin supplements work directly on virus. One of the main lactoferrin benefits is that the compound can attach itself to many different strands of viruses and suppress its ability to replicate. This minimizes their damage and helps give the body a better chance at removing viruses from the body.

Lactoferrin Side Effects

As regular dietary supplement, there are no major lactoferrin side effects found. It is a normal part of the human body and has been given an orphan drug status by the FDA. Research is constantly furthering the advance of the drugs potential and so far almost a dozen mammals on the planet show similar genes within their system. The compound itself is already known to aid in the reception of iron, the hydrolyzing of RNA, the prevention of biofilm and an assortment of other daily biological functions within the body.

Lactoferrin Cancer Treatment

One of the most interesting areas of study is in lactoferrin cancer treatments. The amount of RNA present in milk is directly related to the presence of this autoimmune compound. Milk that has lower levels of RNA is currently found in areas that have increased occurrences of breast cancer and this might relate to possible pathogenesis of similar retroviruses.

Lactoferrin Acne Treatments

Today, antibacterial compounds are the first step in any acne treatment. Lactoferrin acne treatments are also growing in popularity as scientists discover more and more benefits of the compound. These are the same properties of the compound that inhibit in vitro fungal growth. One of the most intriguing studies is that when taken orally the number of pathogenic organisms found within patients is generally greatly reduced compared to patients that went without.

With all of this positive research into the autoimmune compound and its benefits of the human body, more and more researchers are encouraging the daily supplements as part of any dietary plan. Given the lack of side effects and the possible advantages, few consumers today can refuse. As time goes on and more research is put into the substance, it is likely that even more can be gained from its regular use.

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Where to Buy Lactoferrin

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