Colostrum Powder – Will it Help Me and Where Do I Get It?

Have you been wondering if colostrum powder could be beneficial for you as you try to improve your health and overall physical fitness? If so, then you need to realize that bovine colostrum has more benefits for your health than you could imagine, and it’s actually pretty easy to find. While this is a newer type of supplement, it has shown that it can definitely out-perform some of the other health products in almost every area. Keep reading for some of the main benefits of colostrum powder, along with the best places to find it.

To begin with, colostrum powder has been used for a long time in the athletic community as a way to help athletes increase their lean body mass, minus the dangerous risks and side effects that steroids, prohormones, or synthetic growth hormones bring. In addition, it also helps to keep the athlete healthy by speeding up the healing of athletic injuries, and giving a huge boost to the immune system. The immune system can actually worsen after periods of extreme exercise, and colostrum powder has been shown to bring it back to life.

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When it comes to specifics, bovine colostrum produces a significant increase in an athlete’s lean body mass compared to whey protein, which has normally been the traditional method of upping body mass. Also compared to whey, colostrum supplementation has been shown to improve anaerobic power, performance time, and a runner’s sprint performance time. In addition, marathon runners have enjoyed a much lower occurrence of upper respiratory infections (URI) in the time leading up to and following a marathon, since they took colostrum powder. A clinical study was performed that confirmed these results, while the placebo group did not improve at all.

Autoimmune disease are another part of a person’s health that can be helped by colostrum powder. These types of diseases are actually the result of an immune system which overreacts, and starts to produce antibodies that fight against the body’s own proteins. PRP, which is a unique substance that’s only found in colostrum, possesses the ability to turn down the body’s immune system, so that it’s at a normal level instead of overreacting. Colostrum powder also has substances that can reduce the symptoms that come as a result of various autoimmune disorders, especially those that cause inflammation in organs.

The list of colostrum benefits goes on and on. So where can you find colostrum powder? It’s typically not sold in stores, so it’s best to get it online. The price comparison widget above will get you the best colostrum powder prices at the best deals, so you can buy colostrum powder and usually get free shipping as well as avoid sales tax!

When it comes to buying colostrum products, you won’t find a larger selection than what’s available online. With a much larger selection to choose from than what you would find in a store, you can be sure that you’re getting the best product for you. After all, how can you know that you’re getting the best kind of colostrum powder if you only have one or two products to look at? In addition to having a better selection, you’ll almost always find a better price for colostrum products online, since an internet business saves a ton of money on operational costs, compared to a brick-and-mortar business. They’re able to pass these savings on to you, which results in a staggering difference in price.

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  1. Cecilia Lim

    02. Nov, 2011

    What would be better to consume. Power or capsules. What is the price of powder and capsules. Prices quoted are in what dollars. How do I know if I can take this colostrum powder without any allergy. How long does it take to order from Penang, Malaysia. Any other charges incurred. Please advise. Thank you.


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