Colostrum in My Post-Workout Shakes – AMAZING Results!

This is a guest post from our friend Josh*, who we convinced to start using Colostrum 3 months ago.

Hey all, this is Josh. I am 29 years old, and pretty fit and healthy. 6’0 180lbs, started at 12% body fat. I do an odd combination of swimming (4x/week), CrossFit-style anaerobic cardio (1x/week) and heavy lifting (1x/week). This combo gives me good results – swimming keeps me pretty lean, heavy lifting makes me sore, and the high intensity cardio boosts my speed and endurance for other sports I occasionally play.

So when Lauren and Matt launched this site, I decided to get some Symbiotics Colostrum Plus. I wasn’t totally sure how or when to use it, but I noticed that it didn’t mix well with water, so I decided to put the colostrum into my post-workout shakes.

My Pre-Workout and Intra-Workout Stack

First off, I work out first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is BY FAR the best way to burn body fat and allow yourself to eat some good carbs in the morning without having it go to fat storage.

Since I’m on an empty stomach, I need to make sure that my body doesn’t strip down my muscles (this is called catabolism) during my workout when it needs aminos. I do this by adding my favorite Branched-Chain Amino Acid drink, Scivation Xtend. The BCAAs in Xtend increase endurance, reduce fatigue, and most importantly, spare my muscle since I’m on an empty stomach. They also taste great. Surprisingly, watermelon is by far the best flavor.

If I’m not feeling too jazzed up, I’ll also take a pre-workout supplement 30-45 minutes before I start working out (immediately upon waking up). My favorites is a new one from the guys at Scivation called Psycho. Mixed berry tastes great – 2-3 scoops is good depending on your caffeine tolerance.

Anyway, I’ll sip the Xtend throughout the workout, and the Novem keeps me pretty wired so that it’s a good swim or lift. This is pretty standard stuff and it does me well. But then came the colostrum, and, well… WOW.

My Post-Workout Colostrum Whey Shake:

Immediately post-workout, I take a mixture of these four items:

  • 3-5g creatine monohydrate powder (note that the Novem has some creatine in it). This is to gain muscle mass, and isn’t needed if trying to cut weight, although I always use it.
  • 20g dextrose. Dextrose is very similar to straight-up glucose, and is about 75% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar). This is to cause an insulin spike and replenish my poor muscles’ broken down glycogen stores. It helps the body get nutrient delivery going – but if you are in fat-loss mode, do NOT add dextrose. Your glycogen stores will eventually recover, and you can continue fat-burning after your workout if you don’t use it. This is for bulking only!
  • ~40g whey protein isolate powder. I like a PURE whey protein isolate which has all the low-quality nonsense stripped out and doesn’t give me gas since there’s no icky whey protein concentrate in it (which is the stuff that has too much lactose and bloats you). Isolate instead of a mix or a concentrate is huge. Plus Muscle Gauge is tasty and cheap. Chocolate caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and rocky road are all favorites.
  • 3-6g Symbiotics Colostrum Plus. Basically one or two scoops depending on the intensity of the workout and my mood. This brings down the flavor a bit, but let me tell you – IT’S WORTH IT!!

I crush that shake, and then about 45-60 minutes later, I have a real breakfast, something like 3 whole eggs and tons of veggies mixed into an omelet over brown rice and avocado. After that, I start weening off carbs throughout the day, and by 4pm, I don’t have anything that’s primarily a carb source (except for leafy vegetables).

The Colostrum Post-Workout Results

WOW. I went from 180lbs to 188lbs in two months, and it’s pure muscle. I’m sleeping better, and I’m getting comments that my chest and shoulders look wider. Swimming will do that to someone, but I’ve never heard of a “swimmer’s bulk”!! Typically swimming will make you lose weight like crazy – not in this case. There’s definitely something up with this colostrum. The better sleep clearly shows that my growth hormones are being boosted. I’m more confident, and getting faster too.

And I haven’t had a single sniffle.

Seriously, try this stuff for a month. Get the smaller, 6.3oz Colostrum Plus container if you’re not sure… but from now on, I’ll be getting the big can because I’m HOOKED.

How doesn’t anybody know about this stuff?!?!


* If you’d like to guest post on this site, contact us!

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