Colostrum Cream

Colostrum Cream is a type of skin product using Colostrum as a nutrient-rich base. It has a ridiculous number of benefits for the skin, just as colostrum powder and colostrum capsules do for your immune system on the inside.

New Zealand Colostrum Cream Unlocks Anti-Aging and Skin Health Secrets

Colostrum is largely unknown to most ‘townies.’ All mammals make colostrum for 72 hours after birth and feed their young this life-giving super food. Colostrum could be considered the oldest, most researched super food in all of human history. Its health, beauty and healing effects were recorded in ancient Egypt, by the Ayurvedics in India and even by the old cattle tribes in Africa. In modern times, there is an abundance of published research showing colostrum’s health and healing properties, including the topical application for skin beauty and healing.

Colostrum Cream – The Forgotten Miracle

So, why does the public know so little about this super healing and skin beauty food from nature? Dr. Stephen Blake, calls colostrum ‘The Forgotten Miracle,’ and goes on to say, “The unique property of bovine colostrum is that it is a universal donor for all mammals (that includes us). Colostrum contains a balanced proportion of growth factors that are required for growth and healing. I have found the colostrum cream is the best topical healing agent I have ever used in 26 years of practice. It contains Lactoferrins, which have natural antimicrobial activity. It contains essential oils and vitamin A, B groups, C, D and E, all 22 amino acids and trace minerals. I have used it on open wounds, suture lines, abscesses, ruptured cysts, warts, dry and moist dermatitis, insect bites, burns, etc and have found it to be the most effective product I have used in clinical practice.”

Mr. Hiestand, the creator of this innovative skin care, uses colostrum to make his anti-aging beauty cream. But, this is not a normal cream. It is not like other creams made with water, wax and oils and then a tiny amount of a few good things added in so they can be on the label (really chemically-laced water). No, this is the real McCoy. This cream is MADE from colostrum. New Zealand colostrum is the main ingredient (over 75%), plus there are more than a few other good things added (including hemp seed oil, blueberry seed oil, colloidal silver, aloe vera and zinc which acts as a natural SPF). None of the ingredients have been overheated so their bioavailability is intact. And all of this has been achieved without using chemicals, fillers, preservatives or water.

Mr. Hiestand has used quantum physics to create a harmonic balance that greatly enhances the activity of the combined ingredients. “Working with colostrum is a very delicate process”, he says. “If you destroy its Zeta potential (the electrical charge around a molecule) it will not work. It’s all about the energy fields of the molecules. It’s like notes in a symphony; all the notes have to be in the right place at the right time. All chemical skin creams and any that have biologically dead compounds in them, even so called natural ones, cannot interface with the energy field of the cells, thus they cannot activate any life-giving or healing responses. Hence, the very poor effectiveness results”. Electric Body is a different level of thinking.

Mr. Hiestand’s signature anti-aging beauty product is sold under the Electric Body brand and is called Skin Elixir. It is available online here.

Colostrum Cream Reviews and Testimonials

A former Miss World USA (no name as she is under contract with another company), who lives in New York, and is one of the highest paid TV ad spokeswomen in the US recently said, “Skin is my life, I have tried every skin cream there is. All my life I have searched for the holy grail of skin care. I do not look any more, I use it. It is called Electric Body Skin Elixir”.

PS – Don’t eat colostrum cream or any other skin care products! If you need colostrum supplements, see our Bovine Colostrum intro page.

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