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Did you know that colostrum capsules can greatly improve your health and well-being? It’s true: This new supplement from South America has made its way northward, and people all over the country are hailing it as the best product to hit the market in several years. While you can find colostrum powder in many places, you’re actually better off to look for colostrum capsules, for a variety of reasons.

To start off, colostrum capsules are more convenient to take than the powder or enema versions. Most people are used to taking pills for just about everything, so if you pick up a set of tablets, you won’t have to worry about mixing a powder into your drink. Just include a pill in your regular set of vitamins or medications, and you’ll be good to go. This is especially useful if you’re constantly on the go: You can just pop the pill in your mouth, swallow it, and not have to think about it again.

In addition, colostrum capsules are more available and easier to find than its counterparts. Stores are much more likely to carry the pill version, so if you’ve been having difficulty finding the powder, it may be a good idea to settle for the capsule version instead. The pills usually cost a little less, too.

Finally, colostrum powder simply doesn’t taste too good. Yes, the taste can be defeated by adding a good whey protein isolate powder to it, and while the taste is well worth the trouble, you can just skip all of that with colostrum capsules if you need just a moderate dosage.

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So where is the best place to find colostrum capsules? By far the best resource for buying any type of colostrum supplement is the internet, since you’ll enjoy a much larger selection, and better prices too. While brick-and-mortar places are still a little slow to start carrying colostrum on their shelves, you can find plenty of fitness websites that have a large supply of it. If you like the sound of colostrum capsules, then see the price comparisons of where to buy colostrum capsules to the left and pick up your supply from an online retailer today!

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5 Responses to “Colostrum Capsules – Find the Best Products and Deals”

  1. Silvia

    30. Aug, 2011

    My fateher is a renal pacient? sometimes his potassium is very high. Did he can still take colustrum?. Every day I gave him three capsules of 920 mg. (I open the capsules)it’s okay.

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  2. Caroline Chiong

    13. Sep, 2011

    I am a diabetic (type 2). I am wondering whether I can take colostrum capsules. I also suffer early stage Parkinson disease. Please advise. Thank You

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    • Admin

      13. Sep, 2011

      You definitely need to speak with your doctor. I would think colostrum would be great, but this is out of our realm of expertise. Also look into the paleo diet to battle the diabetes issues.

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  3. Mr Mansor

    01. Oct, 2011

    I am a vegetarian. Is your capsule free from animal product?

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    • Admin

      04. Oct, 2011

      Well, by definition… no. Colostrum is derived from bovine (cow) sources. Depends on what “type” of vegetarian you are. If you’re lacto vegetarian, then you are fine. But if you are more strict, then you will not want to take any products on this site.

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