Colostrum Benefits – What are the Benefits of Colostrum?

Colostrum Benefits

Colostrum Increases Peak Cycling Power!

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about bovine colostrum? If so, you’ve probably heard a lot about this new kind of supplement that’s taking the health world by storm. Is it really worth spending the money though? According to our experiences and the research studies behind them that prove colostrum’s benefits, yes, it really is worth it.

Scores of people around the world have already discovered that a supplement derived from a healthy cow’s milk really can help them improve their health in many ways. If you’ve been wondering what sort of colostrum benefits there are to enjoy, then continue reading for just a few of the main benefits to using colostrum supplements.

Colostrum Benefits – Immune System Support and Sickness Recovery

Right off the bat, it’s most important to know about colostrum’s benefits for the immune system. One of the most impressive studies is one where regular users of colostrum had a significantly reduced amount of time with the flu[1]. In face, colostrum was over three times more effective than flu shots! This alone makes it a worthwhile supplement!

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Benefits of Colostrum – Lean Muscle Mass and Athletic Performance

Colostrum has been proven to improve lean muscle tissue growth, especially when mixed with whey protein and creatine.[2] It improves muscle recovery and reduces soreness[3], peak power for cyclists[4], and sprint capacity more so than whey protein[5]. In all of these studies, it’s important to note that testosterone levels did not increase, making it an incredible supplement for women too!

While colostrum is completely legal, it’s interesting to note that it is banned by the MLB for professional baseball players. Why? Because it naturally increases your growth hormones (hence the athletic recovery and lean muscle growth) so much that drug testers can’t distinguish it against synthetic growth hormones!

Colostrum is not, however, currently banned by WADA or the NCAA. As always, if you are an elite athlete and under drug tests, it’s best to speak with your drug testing sponsor.

Most athletes have never even heard of colostrum, and that’s why you bring you this site – because study after study shows that it not only improves the immune system, it makes you leaner and faster too!

Colostrum Benefits – Reduce Pain from Inflammation

Bovine colostrum also has fantastic anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help anyone who suffers from pain or swelling. Inflammation is a major source of pain, including pain that comes from arthritis, colitis, and other types of similar conditions. Colostrum supplements help to reduce inflammation and therefore reduce the pain that’s caused by these conditions.

A fancy-sounding substance known as Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) is found in colostrum, and this substance helps to effectively “turn off” the inflammation at the source. Another helpful ingredient is interleukin-1ra (IL-1ra), a protein that helps to reduce inflammation caused by certain conditions. Not only does IL-1ra contain helpful substances to reduce swelling and pain, but it’s been shown to aid in cases of chronic inflammatory diseases, like arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Proline rich peptides (PRPs) are also found in colostrum, and these act as an oxidative stress regulator.

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Colostrum Benefits – Allergy Relief

Colostrum doesn’t just help with inflammation, though. Surprisingly enough, it helps relieve your allergies! It’s true. To be technical, allergies in human beings are caused by the substance known as Immunoglobulin E (IgE), which is produced the body as a response to a foreign protein that enters the body. Colostrum can actually help desensitive your body to these substances (allergens) by helping to lower the expression of IgE. Because of its high concentration of antibodies, colostrum will help you body fight off allergies and suppress its reaction to the allergens that do make it through — this has been confirmed by several clinical studies.

Colostrum Benefits – Alzheimer’s Support

One of the best colostrum benefits is that this supplement helps with Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive disorders. While you should definitely seek all of the professional advice and assistance you can find for Alzheimer’s and other disorders, colostrum has actually been proven to help reduce the severity of this disease. In a clinical trial performed that included colostrum and a placebo, over 50% of the participants who received colostrum (who all had Alzheimer’s Disease) showed clinical improvement, and the rest of them stabilized; those who received only a placebo did not show any improvement, obviously. A substance known as Phosphatidylserine is found in high concentrations in colostrum supplements, and it has been shown to be of help to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or senile dementia.

Colostrum Benefits – Anti-Aging

The many colostrum benefits also include high amounts of antioxidants in the supplements. One of the biggest ways that these nutrients have been proven to help is in the area of anti-aging, and when it comes to looking younger, colostrum has demonstrated some of the best results that experts have ever seen. To be technical, oxidative stress, combined with high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are by-products of a normal metabolism and build up in the body over time, have been known to cause widespread damage in the body, and generally speed up the aging process in most people. Antioxidants, as you can guess by their name, fight back against these causes and help you look younger overall.

While you can find antioxidants in many kinds of foods, from vegetables to ketchup, you’ll also find them in very high amounts in colostrum supplements. In fact, it contains glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant currently known, along with many other helpful nutrients. Can taking something produced by a cow help you look younger? Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

An interesting note: the glutathione in colostrum is also a liver detoxifier and helps with hangovers!

Colostrum Benefits – Asthma Support

As if colostrum hasn’t been shown to be great for almost every aspect of your health already, it also helps those who suffer from asthma. Experts have confirmed that an asthma attack is basically an allergic reaction to a foreign substance in the body, and as mentioned above, colostrum benefits include the ability to fight off allergens and suppress the body’s reaction to them. Colostrum has been tested on animal models of asthma, and all of the “subjects” showed a statistically significant improvement after receiving the colostrum supplement, while the placebo group did not improve at all.

Colostrum is simply an incredibly healthy supplement, and its components do nothing but help users. It doesn’t matter if it’s from cows – the studies and our experiences show that colostrum works.

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16 Responses to “Colostrum Benefits – What are the Benefits of Colostrum?”

  1. Larry Patterson

    19. May, 2011

    Since you left a nice comment on my website, I thought I would check out your site. Very interesting information, not something I have given much thought to, but found the information good.


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  2. Larry

    19. May, 2011

    It would seem that Chai Tea and colostrum both have some good health benefits.


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  3. maurean

    09. Jun, 2011

    Orginally started taking colostrum about five years ago.When taken first thing in the morning with a full 8 oz. glass of water, its like an instant miracle feeling comes in your body, all of a sudden super alert, and ready for the day. I then stopped taking it, for about three years, started to have a lot of health issues,then remembering taking colostrum, I started my daily routine of taking it, my allergies are better, I am no longer taking allergy medication,my energy level is high,my thinking is clearer, and I am back working a full time job, in Real Estate and property Management, so I am on my feet eight to twelve hours a day, another benefit, my skin is much clearer and smoother and softer.I just bought another bottle and hope I never run out again…..O yes by the way I am 70 years old.

    Reply to this comment
    • shirley yong

      22. Jul, 2011

      Just started taking colostrum tablets and am halfway through the amount. Read your testimony and am very pleased that I have made the right choice to add colostrum to my list of supplements. I don’t feel so tired. Oh like you I am also a geriactic. Will take it with a glass of water instead of coffee like you do. Hopes it works better!!

      Reply to this comment
  4. rajendra kumar

    24. Jul, 2011

    it is wonderful food supplement. every body can take colostrum.but always take pure colostrum

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  5. katie

    28. Jul, 2011

    hi there,

    I am the pharmacist and also working for a company that provides the best colostrum in the world. I am treating lady in her 40s with asthma and inflammation all over her body. She’s had really bad gums, totally inflammed urinary system, woman’s problems, pain in the legs, shaking hands, depression etc. She’s been taking it since february this year and even her neighbour has noticed significant difference in how she looks like..her wouldn’t believe but she looks much younger, her hair is thick and shiny and the most important thing is that she feels much much better. She’s also taken Aloe Vera gel ( same company). We even treated her dog who was constantly on ATB and steroids. Now he is strong and without any health issues at all ! I’ve got new girl, she is only 24 and suffers from serious juvenile rheumatitis, it even affects her eye, she can hardly see. Her attacs often send her to hospital for couple of days, living on infusions. I am very exited about how she would feel after 2 months of active treatment. Everybody who wants to stay healthy and beautiful I as a pharmacist cannot recommend better thing than colostrum. Good luck !

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    • Sylvie

      02. Sep, 2011

      Which brand makes the purest product?

      Reply to this comment
      • nikki

        21. Feb, 2012

        new zealand has the purest colostrum because teh cows are fd on teh clean green Nz land.

        Reply to this comment
  6. Brian Rogers

    14. Aug, 2011

    i was just wandering if the colostrum at the farm stores is the same or if it will even work the same cuz it is a growth protien for animals willl it work the same way .

    Reply to this comment
  7. Beth

    03. Sep, 2011

    This colostrum does sound amazing. I have chronic fatigue syndrome as well as systemic candida. Since I have to avoid lactose, I wonder if colostrum is right for me or not.

    Reply to this comment
    • Diane

      20. Sep, 2011

      Hi I take colostrum with S. Candida and a true milk allergy. I started out slow and only take it once a day. I am not having any problems, only improved health. I am taking Symbiotics Colostrum Plus… I am amazed how this has helped me.

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  8. Mark Ervin

    04. Sep, 2011

    Will This show up in a drug test as you using something

    Reply to this comment
    • Admin

      06. Sep, 2011

      You should always speak to your drug testing organization about any product you take. Small chance, but it actually may, depending on what you’re being tested FOR. It is interesting to note that Colostrum is on the MLB’s banned substances list. We believe this is because it works so well that it fools the drug tests into thinking that the players are going with a NON-natural growth hormone releaser!

      Reply to this comment
    • nikki

      21. Feb, 2012

      its a natural product..not a drug. it is the first milk of cows that they feed to tehir young..just like humans do but colostrum supplemens for human are cow colsotrum

      Reply to this comment
  9. Dan Denson

    01. Nov, 2011

    I am 73 yrs old, I have been taking Colostrum for almost 15 yrs. I started because I had very bad allergies and with Colostrum, it took care of 85% to 90% of them and several other conditions. It gives me a boost in energy. My lady and I ski 2 to 3 times a wk all season doing a thing call Snowdancing. That is dancing on skis down the ski runs at Mammoth, Ca. and other places. Colostrum works for me.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Vla'di'mir'e'

    11. Mar, 2012

    Colostrum is the closest you will get to the fountain of youth. I personaly know dozens of people who have been bed ridden for years and are now walking.I distributed New Zealand colostrum and made so many friends because they truly got better. There is not enough space here to tell the stories. Eat raw colostrum.Pasteurizing heats the colostrum and lessons its quality. Eat it in raw form.

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