Bionic Edge Whey – Finally, a Whey Protein with Colostrum!

We’re all about colostrum here, and often we mix it into our whey protein shakes (especially post-workout). But if you want a whey protein that has the colostrum already included, then you’re in luck!

Bionic Edge Whey is a health product from Revolutionary Technology Nutrition that is packed with 100% whey proteins made from ultra filtered peptides, concentrates, and isolates. This product has the highest bio-available protein content on the market and other ingredients include colostrum and glutamine. It is designed to build and preserve muscle, increase strength endurance, and reduce tissue breakdown. This is an all-natural product that fits perfectly with the philosophies on this site!

Whey is a protein in milk that forms when milk is made into cheese. Whey is the most superior protein on the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, scoring 1.14% when the maximum value is 1.0. Whey is a complete protein that consists of all the essential amino acids which build healthy skin, muscle, nails, and other tissue. Whey is a recommended substance for athletes who want to remain fit and strong during exercise.

The Stevizyme ingredient in Bionic Edge improves digestion, increases the performance of other nutrients, and reduces stomach bloating. It enhances the immune system and improves body healing, which is important for people who work out and are frequently at risk of injury.

The digestive enzyme complex included in this product also aids in digestion for maximum protein utilization. The ingredient also heals gastric disorders and reduces stress levels. Symptoms of depleted digestive enzyme levels include bowel problems, weight gain, gas and bloating, and indigestion.

Bionic Edge Whey Prices

Glutamine is an amino acid with benefits that are similar to those of the other amino acids. Colostrum is milk that forms in the mammary glands during late pregnancy. It is a nutrient-and-antioxidant-rich substance that releases the human growth hormone (HGH). Some of the benefits of increased HGH include decreased body fat, increased muscle strength, firmer skin, increased hair growth, and improved sleep. Overall, colostrum is an important health supplement that many individuals consume right after a workout for a better, faster recovery. This substance is used to boost the immune system and enhances an individual’s endurance and muscle development. Colostrum also helps repair damage from injury or disease.

The stevia sweetener in Bionic Edge is a natural herb that has been used worldwide as a substitute for sugar, aspartame, and artificial sweeteners. Because it is safe, sweet, and non-caloric, the product is popular with millions of customers all over the world, particularly in Japan.

For the amount of benefits that Revolutionary Technology Bionic Edge Whey, it is an easy-to-use supplement that comes reasonably priced. Bionic Edge contains all of the good nutrients and none of the harmful ones such as artificial chemicals, sweeteners, flavors, colors, glutein, casein, aspartame, sucralose, MSG, and rBGH. The whey is available in nine delicious flavors including vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate peanut butter, watermelon, and cookies ‘n’ cream.

Bionic Edge can be eaten as a snack or mixed in with foods like oatmeal or yogurt without ruining its efficiency. Since it is packed with nutrients and other powerful ingredients, it is more useful during or after exercise. Two to three scoops of Bionic Edge Whey protein powder gives that needed boost during a strenuous, nutrient-depleting period like exercise. This product also comes in travel packages.

For any individual who exercises once a week or every day, Revolutionary Technology Nutrition Bionic Edge Whey will round out a complete nutritional plan. Those users who work in a gym or in an office will find all of the nutrients and energy that they need to last all day.

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