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Los Angeles, CA (ColostrumMilk.com) – Move over, milk advertising campaigns. It isn’t just milk that does a body good.

According to new research, bovine colostrum – the fluids yielded as by-products of the milking process for cows – provide a number of nutrients that are important for the human body.

“It’s honestly better than the flu shot,” says Derrick Gianetto, beta tester of http://www.colostrummilk.com. “Bovine colostrum is known to supplement efforts in good nutrition by fighting cancer, burning fat, building muscle – well, just about anything!”

The website offers visitors and interested consumers with links to commercial bovine colostrum extracts, such as colostrum capsules, colostrum powder, and colostrum supplements.

These bovine colostrum products and their growth hormones are proven to help combat illnesses, such as the above, and even increase chances for weight loss.

Colostrum is a type of milk produced by mammals directly before and after birth. Research proves that the pre- and postnatal fluid is rich with antibodies and nutrients, from which even non-bovines can benefit.

Antioxidants, such as lactoferrin and hemopexin, as well as numerous immunglobulins, like Salmonella and Staphylococcus, help give colostrum the edge that so many users enjoy.

These important antibodies and immunoglobulins suppress harmful pathogens, suggesting that the prevention – and, maybe, the cure – of such insidious diseases as cancer may not be far away.

More recently, websites such as http://www.colostrummilk.com provide health-conscious consumers – parents in particular – with access to information and other resources for colostrum supplements.

“These really pack a powerful punch, health-wise,” Gianetto adds. “Colostrum supplements are proven to be nearly three times as effective as vaccines and other illness-treating and –preventing methods.

“It only makes sense for more people to get on-board with the idea of colostrum supplements,” he says.
Colostrum supplements also offer the user numerous benefits, which include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce swelling and chronic pain for sufferers with such conditions as arthritis
  • Long-term allergy relief, a consequence of colostrum, which suppresses immunoglobin E production – the source of most allergic reactions and illnesses
  • The ability to produce leaner, fitter muscle, which takes place with higher anti-oxidant concentrations
  • Asthma relief, which appears once immunoglobin E is suppressed
  • Cancer prevention, a scientifically proven result of colostrum’s anti-carcinogenic qualities
  • …And much more!

http://www.colostrummilk.com is a site is dedicated to the need for awareness about colostrum supplements and their benefits.