Colostrum is a type of milk made by mammals just before and after pregnancy. It is absolutely loaded with nutrients and antibodies to keep newborns healthy and growing, and colostrum supplements are proven to keep humans fitter and healthier too!

Colostrum Benefits – What are the Benefits of Colostrum?

Our supplements listed here have many benefits - From immune system protection to lean body mass. Read more about them here!

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Symbiotics Colostrum Plus

Colostrum Plus is our featured product. You get a great amount for the money and it's extremely high quality. Click here to read more!

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Colostrum Powder – Will it Help Me and Where Do I Get It?

The powders are the easiest, safest, and most inexpensive way to get an immune system boost - they are much more cost-effective than capsules, and you can easily mix them into protein shakes. Try some today!

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Colostrum in My Post-Workout Shakes – AMAZING Results!

Josh has the ULTIMATE post-workout shake using a great mix of natural supplements. Check this stack out and try it today!

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Transfer Factor

4Life Transfer Factor is boosts your immune system beyond natural defenses. It's derived from colostrum milk. Read up on 4 Life Transfer Factor and compare prices to buy Transfer Factor.

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Lactoferrin is a protein in mammal immune systems known to fight bacteria, viruses, acne, and even cancer. Lactoferrin supplements are safe and effective and extracted from colostrum!

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Sedona Labs Colostrum

Sedona Labs Colostrum is a 100% pure colostrum product from healthy New Zealand cows. Read about Sedona Labs Colostrum purity & find the best prices here!

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Bionic Edge Whey – Finally, a Whey Protein with Colostrum!

Bionic Edge Whey is a whey protein that already includes colostrum! It is a natural product with that helps you tone muscle, lean out, and prevent sickness!

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Breastfeeding and Breast Milk

Many mothers will switch to bottles during her child's breastfeeding stage, the real benefit involves real breast milk. Why, you might ask? Colostrum. Colostrum is rich with antibodies and white blood cells that aid in the elimination of bacteria, facilitation of cell growth and maturity, and the promotion of well-oiled bodily functions. It lasts only for a small period of time after childbirth, and then dissipates as the mother begins to produce only regular breast milk.

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Buy Colostrum

Colostrum for adults is still a specialty supplement that's best bought online, and we've got the best deals for you.

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Colostrum Capsules – Find the Best Products and Deals

A good alternative to the traditional powder form, colostrum capsules may be the perfect choice for you.

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Colostrum Cream

Electric Body is the leading brand of colostrum creams. Is it the right choice for you? Read more about it here.

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Colostrum During Pregnancy

Colostrum during pregnancy could boost your immune system for you and your child while you're pregnant. It comes from breastfeeding, but you can also take it while breastfeeding!

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Colostrum has long been considered a potent source of protein and a natural supplement to strengthen the body's immunity against diseases. This substance is natural because it is produced by mammals. It is also known as the first milk because it is produced and secreted first by the mammary glands rather than the milk itself.

A lot of studies from different medical authorities have proven that this form of milk can actually provide a lot of benefits for the health. It can cure, fight, and strengthen a number of chronic pains and diseases. This is why it is widely used by people from all countries, gender, and age. To give you more information about this potent substance, this article will further discuss the benefits of using it as a supplement and how you can get a supply of capsules or powder for your child.

What is Colostrum?

Before enumerating the numerous benefits, you should first be familiarized with what and how this product is developed. This amazing substance is a type of milk that mammals produce typically during the last months of pregnancy. Otherwise known as the first milk, mother's milk, or beestings, it is an essential supplement for the offspring to survive because it is packed with the essential antibodies and nutrients to increase your offspring's immunity against diseases.

This form of milk appears as a thick and yellowish substance. It is secreted through the mammary glands where it is produced but the amount is not always similar to the amount of the actual milk. Its difference from the actual milk is that it is more yellowish in color and it has higher amounts of protein and less fat.

What are the active components found in Colostrum?

The immune-boosting, disease-fighting first milk is produced by humans and all other mammals. The amount that can be produced is not usually very large in quantity as compared to the actual milk. Still, no matter the amount, it is still rich in the components that a newborn needs in order to be protected from diseases. These components include protein, vitamin A, sodium chloride, immunoglobulins (antibodies) and more nutrients.

What are the benefits of colostrums?

All these active components work together to make this substance a powerful source to improve the health. In newborn babies, it works as a laxative to prevent jaundice. Beestings eliminates bilirubin by stimulating the newborn's body to excrete the first stool. Bilirubin is a product that is responsible for the yellow hue of urine and the brown color of feces. Over production of bilirubin is common after birth and can cause toxicity in the blood.

Mother's Milk is not only beneficial for newborns; a lot of studies have shown that the supplements are definitely potent enough to provide a lot of benefits to the health of adults as well.

One health benefit that humans can acquire from taking colostrum supplements is that it strengthens the human body's immune system. It combats the risk of developing diseases related to the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and gastrointestinal processes of the body. This is due to the high levels of immunoglobulins, a form of antibodies, found in this milk substance. This is why taking it is considered as a preventive measure against diseases.

Colostrums also help in building muscle. It improves the growth of muscle mainly because of its substantial amount of protein. Aside from improving muscle building, it is also responsible for helping the muscle recover from strains. It also stimulates the production of IGF-1 in the body, this is a component that helps the body metabolize fat into energy faster. Thus, this milk substance when taken as a supplement can also help the body lose weight.

It also reduces pain and swelling as caused by joint inflammation. The component found in this substance targets the source of inflammation and reduces it so as to relieve the person from the tremendous pain caused by inflammation.

The high amount of antioxidants found in it also makes it a good anti-aging supplement. It contains glutathione too which is a very powerful nutrient to combat signs of aging. Its also a widely used supplement to fight and slow down dementia caused by low levels of IGF-1.

About Symbiotics Colostrum Plus

These are only some of the benefits that one can get from being supplementing using a high-quality product. A good product you can use to achieve these benefits is the Colostrum Plus made by Symbiotics. It has become a leading choice supplement - whether you want to buy a pill or powder - in the market because of its benefits for the skin, muscles, and pain management. This product contains 1.5% concentration of Lactoferrin, 25% of immunoglobulins, and 3% of proline-rich polypeptides.

The lactoferrin contained in this product makes it powerful to work as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antivira. Therefore, the use of it will boost your immune system. Meanwhile, the job of the antibodies in this product called immunoglobulins is to neutralize bacteria and viruses. This component also helps reduce the pain and swelling arising from inflammation or wounds.

This product can work better for muscle building if combined with other types of whey protein. Doing this will arm your body with the substantial amount of protein that it needs to build muscle. And, it boosts the body's metabolism faster to convert fat into energy.

These ingredients make this product work as a great alternative to antibiotics, too. What's even better is that this product does not cause any side-effects. This product comes in a powdered type of milk and sealed in a 1lb container.

The best way to get this very powerful supplement is to purchase it through the internet. There you can find lots of dealers, and it will also give you the chance to purchase the product at a lower price. More than that, buying this product online also lets you to a free shipping service so it can be delivered straight to your doorstep in the least possible amount of time. Buying this supplement would be a wise investment not only for yourself, but also for your family as well.